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Car Accidents and S.L.A.P. Injuries

A car accident can cause severe trauma to the shoulder, a complex joint that connects different parts of the body.

S.L.A.P. stands for Superior Labral Tear From Anterior to Posterior, and it occurs when a shoulder is dislocated. A shoulder can get dislocated when someone is involved in a car accident because the impact can cause severe trauma to the shoulder. A shoulder is one of the most complex joints in the body as it connects different parts of the body.

Symptoms of a S.L.A.P. Tear

A S.L.A.P. tear is an extremely serious condition and has symptoms which are quite similar to other shoulder injuries. The symptoms for a S.L.A.P. tear are as follows.

A popping or clicking sound from the shoulder.
A dull throbbing ache in the shoulder joint.
Pain in the shoulder when lifting a weight above the head.
Pain in the shoulder at certain positions.
A feeling that the shoulder is going to pop out or get dislocated.
A decrease in the range of motion of the shoulder.

A trained medical professional will be able to inspect the injury and give a correct diagnosis. It is essential that the victim meets a health care professional to get the injury examined for planning the further course of treatment.  The doctor will usually carry out an X-ray or MRI of the shoulder to check the extent of the injury and whether a S.L.A.P. tear has occurred.

Treatment Options For S.L.A.P. Tears

There are two types of treatment available for S.L.A.P. tears depending on the severity of the injury. The first is a conservative one in which the doctor prescribes medication to get rid of the swelling and pain. Once the swelling is gone the victim has to begin physical therapy, in which the therapist makes the victim undergo rigorous sessions of exercise to strengthen the shoulder muscles, improve flexibility of the shoulder joint, and increase range of motion which has been severely affected by the injury. The duration of the physical therapy depends on the severity of the injury.

The next course of treatment is arthroscopy, which is a surgical treatment for correction of the S.L.A.P. tear. In this case a small incision is made and the surgical instruments are inserted to repair the tear. This surgery is followed by physical therapy similar to the conservative treatment and the duration of therapy depends on the severity of the injury.

Receiving Medical Treatment After a Car Accident

If you have been involved in a car accident, you should see your health care provider for a check-up, even if you feel alright after the crash. Many injuries do not show any symptoms initially and then start troubling your day to day life at a later stage. A S.L.A.P. tear is one such injury and a minor pain in the shoulder should never be ignored.

If a serious injury is not treated on time, it may affect your life severely in the future. So, timely medical attention should be sought. The next step is filing a claim to receive compensation for your medical expenses. Call The Hoffmann Law Firm, L.L.C. at (314) 361-4242 to learn about your legal options.

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