Saturday, January 25, 2014

Texting and Driving Car Accidents - Top Cause of Injury In Saint Louis - Blog

Texting and Driving

Public Awareness of Texting and Driving - The Injuries and Fatalities Caused.

Educating Teens on Safe Driving

A large number of car accidents occurring in Missouri and other parts of United States involve teenagers. The same view is echoed by law enforcement officials and other safety groups. Teenage drivers are at a high risk of getting involved in road … [Read more...]

Texting and Driving on Missouri Roadways

A collision can happen in a split second. The NTSB estimates that at any given moment almost 1 in every 100 motor vehicle drivers are texting, emailing, or surfing the web. Nearly 20% of all car accidents each year can be attributed to distracted … [Read more...]

Car Accidents Involving Distracted Pedestrians

Recent reports show pedestrian fatalities are on the rise.  Often times, when we think about distractions in relation to car accidents, we think about drivers who may be talking or texting on their cell phone, adjusting the radio, or eating. These … [Read more...]

Missouri Texing and Driving Laws

There is no question that texting while driving puts yourself and others at risk of a car accident. There is an abundance of information published about the risk of doing so. As a result, many states have taken action and banned texting while … [Read more...]

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