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Using Traffic Control Drives to Establish Fault in a Car Accident

The Use of Traffic Control Devices to Help Establish Liability

st-louis-intersection-collision-attorneyRoadway intersections are a common scene for car accidents. There are cars approaching from four different directions, all in conflict with one another. Some are attempting to cross through the intersection, others may be trying to turn left. Many intersections now rely on traffic signals to help reduce the incidence ofcar accidents. However, sometimes a driver may fail to notice, or choose to ignore the safety device. This can be even more devastating as ongoing traffic often feels secure that the traffic light is protecting them, and probably not paying attention to oncoming traffic. In any instance where you are involved in a car accident at an intersection, notify a an attorney immediately. Many of these claims rely on witness testimony to prove liability. The sooner an attorney gets involved the sooner it may be obtained.

Intersection collisions account for around 40% of all reported crashes.

Of that 40%, 22% were related to left turns. The drivers of left hand turn accidents usually cite poor visibility or failure to properly gauge the speed of an oncoming car as the reason for the crash. The use of traffic signals with arrows has been shown to help cut down on such type of accidents by not allowing a driver to use their own judgment before entering the flow of traffic.

Red light accidents are the cause of around 10% of intersection fatalities.

When a vehicle runs a red light, the most common accident is a T-bone collision, where the two cars end up perpendicular to one another. Victims of side impact collisions usually sustain more injury since there is very little protection given by the vehicles door. In the instance of a red light accident, one of the parties involved was either negligent in failing to notice the red light, or reckless in failing to obey it. Either way, someone is at fault.

Traffic Control Devices

Recently, advances in modern technology have been applied to traffic lights. This can allow an accident investigator to get a clearer picture of exactly how the collision occurred. For instance, some intersections have devices that will trigger the light to change for oncoming traffic. The light will remain green for the primary incoming road until it detects a vehicle approaching from the secondary roadway. This type of device helped an injured motorist in Missouri win a claim for $755,000. The investigation into her crash showed that both vehicles were traveling at about 30 mph when the collision occurred, so neither was waiting for light to change.  As the plaintiff was traveling on the primary roadway, the light would have stayed green to give her the right of way over the defendant. This proved that the defendant did indeed carelessly run the red light, causing the plaintiff to be injured.

St. Louis Car Accident Lawyers

In any case where liability is questioned, you can benefit from seeking the advice of an experienced car accident lawyer. In order to fight conflicting statements, they will need to thoroughly investigate the scene and find proof that will vindicate your claim and clear the way for you to be compensated for your injuries.
If you have been involved in a St. Louis auto accident, contact a car accident lawyer at The Hoffmann Law Firm, L.L.C. today. We can evaluate your case for free and help you determine what your case is truly worth.

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